Polyversal Video Tutorials are linked from this page. They are not up yet, so consider this page a placeholder. Each video is embedded in the rulebook using individual Quick Reference (QR) codes. Simply scan the code or click on the link in the Electronic version to watch the video.

Video Tutorial List (in order of appearance in the Polyversal Rulebook):

Battlegroups (Rules page 29)

Deployment (Rules page 40)

Turn Sequence (Rules page 42)

Command and Control (Rules page 48)

Ground Unit Transport (Rules page 69)

Airborne Dismount (Rules page 70)

Repair (Rules page 73)

Linked Fire (Rules page 81)

Dragonfly vs. Wombat Ranged Combat (Rules page 95)

Phestorm with Ghizar vs. Vorace Ranged Combat (Rules page 98)

Assault Combat Overview (Rules page 104)

Assault Combat Example: Assaulting in a Building (Rules page 107)

Assault Combat Example: Walker vs. Walker on Overwatch (Rules page 110)

Getting Started with the Arsenal Design Tool